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All Shall Perish – Prisoner Of War

All Shall Perish – Prisoner Of War Lyrics to… —————————— PRISONER OF WAR —————————— I have made a lasting picture a…

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  1. bwe

  2. José Mario Monzón Polá de Toruela

    I have not lost the will to breath !!! So beautifully sad

  3. where is the audio

  4. alexanderdearmas0798

    I love all this guys vids

  5. i should be studying but instead been practicing the sweeping section to this song. i just hope during my upcoming exams i don’t perish 😐

  6. best scream ever at the end! fucking love it…

  7. I fuckin love ASP!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. 2:33  sooo ocatchy

  9. i love the screams right here 4:07

  10. agreed

  11. a7x4lyfeand4always

    honestly….not to be one of the crowd but wage slaves….no business and the last relapse own… and the day of judgement… all come before this song…their fucking breakdowns own

  12. 3:25 just awesome!!!!!

  13. it does not get better then this

  14. this song is amazing but i think last relapse is better, then this song 😀

  15. 16toronto16leafs16

    Epic intro :O


  17. 1:11 , i nearly shit my pants with that little guitar riff

  18. The intro is just amazing

  19. Michiel v. Tienhoven

    😛 Yeah that really is a shame.
    Also a shame I got thumbed down. 😛 Not like it matters.
    I know what sounds like what. You’re supposed to know when you are a musician.

  20. lol poor dumbass doesn’t know what monty python is

  21. One of the greatest bands ever.

  22. NoU

  23. Michiel v. Tienhoven

    Lol, I am indeed persistant, because I don’t want you talking shit. Some things just ARE. And if you think different than you are the one twisted.

  24. you sir are a persistant. go bug the shit out of your parents man. thank you for the music lesson. again fuck off you musical troll..

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