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Anybody Know A Good “Free” Get-Laid/Adult-Dateing Personals Site?

Yes suumthing like Adult Friend Finder Gold sumalong Those lines Where ITS 100% goal? No “Free To Sign Up” crap please Meaning its like FB or Myspace where u sign up and get a profile Cdn Other contact members for free (Do not Need u sum BS like a “Gold” or “Silver” pass). Cuz I find it stupid THEY charge Would people want to get laid Who THATS JUS messed up. Also no sites with Any Kind of Credit Card info needed please. Sumthin 100% free & legit Meaning u have it and it Used worksThis IS yahoo anwser not sum FB Forum website or try to anwser a question Actually INSTEAD OF trolling please. Trust me Cuz I Can Be a jerk and troll too. So stay on subjectOk thank u I’m not a Desprat 2 I Know That Those 3 types are Dr. Generally There goal I’m looking for more of a swinger thing. Would of course and talk with the person and find out I would not jus Be in a hurry. I’m not looking to “date” ok I’m looking to “Swing”


  1. I know one. The world. Go explore it.

  2. Try tagged.com or mocospace.com. I don’t have any pics on tagged.com but desperate guys always talk to me.

  3. Are you seriously that anxious to get an std? Listen man, you have to be logical here. There are 3 types of women you’re going to find on “adult sites” geared toward getting laid as quick as possible:

    1. Fat, ugly chicks who can’t find a guy to have sex with anywhere else.

    2. Beautiful PICTURES of women set up by people who want to scam you out of money.

    3. Prostitutes.

    A beautiful, sexy woman does not need to go on an adult site to get laid. Think about it. She has guys hitting on her EVERY day of her life and they’re all to eager to satisfy her in bed. Even if you were to find someone who was that easy, you have to know that she’s more than likely to be infected with something (even if she doesn’t know it yet). Herpes and HPV (human pappilomavirus) are the most common std’s out there, and you can’t get rid of it once you have it. Condoms do very little to protect you as well because those viruses are spread skin to skin (ie. anything not covered by the condom in “that” area is at risk).

    Try developing your personality and have some loftier goals than just getting laid tonight. You might surprise yourself at the quality of women you can attract with a different mindset and outlook on life.

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