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anyone ever try adult personals Those websites?

Do They work, I’m a 21 yr old male, looking for a great time w / some naughty girls, do thesis work sites?


  1. i have tried them but i wasn’t really looking to meet and greet so to speak,i just wanted to meet new people for other reasons mostly so i got away from it.all the men wanted was to get with me and have sex and then never speak to me again when thats not what i wanted.i know,your wondering why i was there then?i’ll tell you.it was a way i thought to meet others for whatever reason not just for sex.i was lonely and wanted to try whatever way i could to try and make new friends.my husband passed away and i was alone again and needed someone to talk to.of all the sites out there i guess i chose the wrong one.

  2. those sites are really wild.
    one, you never know if someone is really real
    two, you never know what your getting into, if they are on the site, god know who they’ve met already and what they’ve done.
    three, they are all pay sites and there’s never a certaintly you’re going to get the hook up.

    but, give it a shot and see what happens. you have nothing to lose.

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