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Are there any adult online dating sites?

Question by StilettoEdge: Are there any adult online dating sites?
I have found some but they all cost money and seems like a scam or so I have read on the internet. So I was just wondering if there are any sites that you know that I could find.
Something like Adultfriendfinder but free.

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Answer by Topkat
OzAdz is good if you’re in London UK. Check the Adult Personals section. It’s totally free too.

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  1. You can try this: http://adult.wealthychats.com. It’s the adult section of the wealthy men club.

  2. I found a great place http://www.diamondsingle.com
    If you want to find you serious relationship. I think you can have a try, It’s free to join. Hope you will find your perfect match.

  3. most legitimate ones cost money, the free ones usually atract mainly nigerian and russian scammers. I have friends who have luck using datingdirect.com, match.com and eharmony.com

  4. Try these. Both are free.

  5. Try free dating websites like

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