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boyfriends putting up sex personals online – what would you do?

Recently I found out my boyfriend’s email password and saw That He Was a member has to sexsearch. com site, where ‘adult personals are posted, go on video chats, etc.. I am furious purpose know That I am not alone. Do not know what to do about it. Need help.


  1. littlemisssaigon

    Dump his perverted a..ss what the F…U..ck!


  3. Kick him to the curb. Consider yourself lucky that you found out about this before you got married to him or made a baby with him. Think about this too … this is just the one thing you found out about. What else has he been doing behind your back and lying to you about? You deserve much better than this. Don’t wait for him to give you some disease. Even being without a boyfriend is better than being with a loser.

  4. Well at least your not his wife.. so dump him as fast as you can. You can do better. He is addicted to all this mess.. and you do not need to be with him.

  5. Change his password though, so he knows that you know. You should also break up with him, if you can’t trust him what do you have?

  6. Find out whats really going on with him. This doesn’t make him a pervert just a sexual person.GET THE FACTS THEN DECIDE WHETHER TO DUMP HIM.

  7. good site that for sex… 😀

    maybe you should put one up too… or start cybersexing with someone online… 😉

  8. Why were you sneaking around in his things? It’s not going to matter to him that you found that, he’s going to be more upset at the fact that you were snooping.That says that you don’t trust him, so the relationship was already weak. Leave him and get it over with. And next time don’t snoop.

  9. letterstoheather

    here’s my best answer:

    men = stupid

  10. Dump him. This kind of behavior does not change. He is lying to you.

  11. This is one reason no person on earth (that I know of, anyways) has my password for anything.
    But…if it was me, I’d take the “s” off the “sex” and make him my “ex”.

  12. Sign up for yourself if he can do it why cant you?And when you find someone else dump his pig butt.

  13. Well hehehehe… I think you should join him… http://www.newbienudes.com kinda fun .. a compliment from anyone any time is a GREAT thing…. I think I know him!! just kidding…. but open up sista and roll with it… you two could be in for some fun…. he would really enjoy it if you joined him as opposed to leaving him for something so silly!!!

  14. Free Medical Help

    Does he have an active listing or is he actually trying to date these people?
    If so, get rid of him!
    If he is only there to look, leave him alone, it may be only human curiosity.
    By the way, why are you spying on him and how did you get his personal password?
    That is like reading someone’s diary, very sneaky and distrustful!
    If my wife did that to me, there would be hell to pay and the same if I did it to her!

  15. ddd 874 587 545 543

    Dump him, move on, and don’t look back. There are thousands of men who DON”T behave in that way. Find one who respects you.

  16. sweety – you dont need help.
    he does..
    he needs you to set him free, so he can act on those perveted, slutty bitches on those sites..
    as for you – you need to move on and find someone sincere that wont be doing shit like this behind your back
    good luck sweety
    be strong and do not settle for less

  17. TELL HIM you are angry, and make it clear and rational as to WHY – try not to confront him while you are angry because anger always clouds the issues. You cant really tell him not to do this, but you can STRONGLY recommend that he does.

  18. Confront him about it then dump his ass.

    You dont need a man whose trawling sleazy sites trying to hook up.

  19. It really depends when he joined the site. Did he join before you started going out with him? Then it may be okay. If he is accessing it when he is in a relationship with you then you need to dump his cheating a.ss! Unless you both are into swinging and group encounters? There is absolutly no reason for him to be spending time on those sites then!

  20. Sign up to the same site and then make an approach via the site, If he doesn’t respond, then he was just being curious, and no harm done.
    If he responds to your approach, arrange to meet him, take a load of friends with you and expose him for the pervert that he really is.

  21. He’s looking. Many guys (and women) find their cheating partners ONLINE, and since it’s a personals site, not some random chatroom or forum, he’s in the market! Dump him. He’s already TRYING to cheat on you (if he hasn’t already)! Why wait for the next step?

    Go to this site: http://www.PCPandora.com, for some eye-opening info, and an inexpensive monitor you can install on your computer (only worth it if you were married and want to use it in court, during a divorce, or if you, for some bizarre reason, want to keep him!).

    BTW…sorry to hear about this…that behavior really stinks!

  22. i would take it as a very strong hint that hes not that into you

  23. well reguardless on how you feel on the situation maybe that’s something that he is interested and didn’t really want you to know.Do you even trust him>? obviously not and if there’s no trust then you shouldn’t be with him, curiosity killed the cat and girl you are on the way.Hope you found what you were looking for b/c your relationship is never going to be the same. If you tell him then he knows you snooped if you don’t tell him you always will want to.Be careful snoopin you might not like the answer.

  24. Don’t mention it to him, he’ll turn it into a lack of trust issue and blame you for snooping around, it’s normal for men to look at porn(we’re a simple, pathetic species!) It’s no reflection on the way he feels about you

  25. talk to him about it let him know you know ask him to stop tell him if he dose not stop you will leave him for good you cant take him doing that and ask him why he is doing that is it because your not enough if not he should tell you so you can try and do more and new things to get you to be all he needs to were he wont need to look at sex stuff online good luck.

  26. Is it effecting your relationship if not and you really love him I wouldnt be really mad as long as he’s keeping me happy and plus snooping you will always find things you really don’t want to know

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