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boyfriends sex personals putting up online – what would you do?

Recently I found out my boyfriend’s email password and saw That he was a member to a sexsearch. com site, adult personals Where are posted, video chats go on, etc.. I am furious know That I am goal not alone. Do not know what to do about it. Need help.


  1. The same thing happened to me. I was hurt, angry, all sorts of emotions…I kept checking his email and got totally obsessed with seeing when he had been online last, where he had been, checking his msgs etc. I personally consider it a kind of cheating, he doesn’t. we had a long talk after I confronted him and he agreed not to do it anymore. I think he still does but I can tell you that you either have to decide to trust him or to break up with him. You can’t live checking up on him all the time. good luck

  2. get a new bf

  3. If he’s online seeking attention like that then let him do it, but don’t stick around, move on you deserve better.

  4. Remember the pina colada song? maybe you should get on the same search site and see if your guys a match for you and end up meeting him for a date. Maybe your personalities and hobbies really aren’t compatible and you will meet someone whose more compatible with you and you could go meet him. wow you never know there might be a bigger picture here if you choose to change your thinking about his wandering cyber shoes.

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