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Can someone explain to me the Adult part of Craiglist?

Question by Zohaib: Can someone explain to me the Adult part of Craiglist?
I’ve never heard of it.
What do they do in that part?
Why did it get shut down?
And can you tell me some examples of the traffiking cases?

Best answer:

Answer by Bradley P
It’s gone. A big part of the problem with it–if I understand it correctly–is that the Adult ads on Craigslist followed the same exact fee-for-service model every other ad on the site did.

Between that and the fact that most people could access these ads with minimal trouble, and what you get are lawyers who assume that prostitution and trafficking are going on, whether they actually are or not.

But honestly, there were some serious issues with some few clients on this, in terms of people buying and selling “services” on behalf of other people, with or without their consent. That’s where the trafficking accusations came in–there where issues as to whether some of the parties involved were actually the legal age of consent or not.

And well, again, if I recall correctly, Craigslist actually removed the Adult parts voluntarily to avoid being sued. It was one of those things where a few isolated incidents threatened to tarnish the whole entire thing, because the lawyers were thinking “class action, money, class action, money” with that gleam they get in their eyes….

But yeah. It’s gone now. And Craigslist is now doing a _separate_ and paid-for personals service, which if my experience with paid-for personals services is any indication, means they’re still doing much the same thing–it’s just more hassle for people to use because the site’s charging an arm and a leg (the downside) and actually verifying identifying info like ages of consent (the only real upside).

Just my plug nickel.

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