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Caught my boyfriend is an adult personals site, what should i do?

i Discovered It When a friend Gave me a tip. He Had put up on the website That he was looking for a “hot piece of ass” and he Gave no indicaiton of his 4 year relationship with me. I Consider This goal cheating It Could Be That he just wanted to look at naked pictures. I made sour he really did it by checking the history on our computer safe enough and he did it. when i Confronted him about it, he Swore up and down That He Had nothing to so with it and That he Would never cheat on me. That is the fact he lied about it b. c no one used this computer aim him and me and no one else Would know personal informatjon That was up there. So what should I do? Confront him with the proof, let it go since Physically He Did not cheat on me, or I shoulds safe to edit his profile he gets unwanted Interests make? Please help!


  1. You should confront him. SERIOUSLY!!! if hes going to do that to you, wether its on the internet or not its still cheating. but if hes just looking at pictures then its not that bad, but if you have proof that he auctually cheated then confront him. its just as bad on the internet as it is in person. Good Luck!

  2. He lied to you that is another count. Of course he didn’t do anything because there’s no one yet in his contact. It would be hard for me to trust him if I were you. If you could still trust him then why should you worry ? Why did he do that in the first place anyway? it’s unfaithfulness. I would suggest a cool off then you would be able to proof wether he’s really sorry or not.

    “Where there’s a smoke there’s a fire” !

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