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Do Only Fools Pay For Online Dating Sites?

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  2. @TheNeedtoknownow Congrats to you! I did the “six months or it’s free” on match.com. All i did was send messages and winks only to get a bunch of “She’s viewed you profile but isn’t interested”. I never got one wink or e-mail. Wasted a lot of money!

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  4. @pcm61774 They aren’t a scam. I met my boyfriend on match.com. We’ve been together for awhile now. It takes time though. I was on for a couple of months before Imy boyfriend decided to contact me. You can’t get on one and just look at profiles though. You have to email, IM,m and talk on the phone in order to find someone you are legitimately interested in and would like to take out on a date. It can work if you make an effort.

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  6. LewisTaylorRules08

    @JIEKS exacly what i was thinking 0_o

  7. they are right… i pay for a dating site… even met a fiance there…tip for guys… make sure when you send a message you try and read it from a girls view… don’t try to be different.. because you ARE. just be honest but dont add the negative.. thats a slow process and no girl wants to hear that

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  12. Dating sites are a scam. Those cutsie ads on TV and those pop up ads online? Thats where your money goes. Sure that say they’ll guarantee you’ll find someone but as long as the check clears, they couldn’t care about your needs. Go to a bar, join a gym or whatever. You’ll have better odds. If you’re ugly, you’re doomed either way!

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  14. miamitreasurehunter

    As a 47 year old successful, good looking, decent and fun guy, I tried all sites from E-harmony, Match, and the worst, Chemistry. 99% were fake pictures, or auto-emails. Their point is to make profit of off you. Go out, expand your net, be you and you will meet amazing people. Lazy people try to use a computer. I have had more dates and more fun just say ‘Hi…my name is…what is yours? and show a big smile. Expand your net, go new places, magic will happen..I promise.

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  16. this guy sounded like he got his cock teased by her seconds prior to going on the air.

  17. i ve met plenty of women over the internet so it works for getting dates but my dates went wrong all, but that is my problem but you can easily get some person to go on a date quite easily, but she might reject you after the date, which is what happened to me often it really hurts the self-elsteem, something must be wrong with my style of communication…maybe i am boring or soemthing like that.

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