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Does anybody know. . . ?

Hello everyone, The purpose of the request is Following Because I am not very good in this. And this is the main reason of rapid begging you for help! I am about to launch in a very good adult dating website I have purpose Difficulties finding / writing the right Meta tag titles (9) and 9 Meta-tag 30 keywords. Everybody know what is adult dating personals / service / directory. Everybody likes it, That I decided to create it. Anyways. . . I need somebody to make for me (besides Coders Forums) this. Please, do not ask me how much I am ready to pay we can aim Understand Each Other privately in some other online conversation. Please, if you really wanna help do contact me. I do believe que le website will be successful and very SEO Because of your help. Thank you very much and I hope Their’s people out there.


  1. copy from your competitors

  2. I don’t understand your question. It appears that English is not your primary language, or you are unable to write clearly in English.

    Let me try to paraphrase: you are creating an adult dating/personals web site, and you need help in choosing which keywords to use (in what order) in the Meta-Tags on your HTML pages. Apparently you also want to hire someone to help you, perhaps with the meta-tag issue, or perhaps with SEO (search engine optimization) but you won’t say how much you’d pay.

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