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Foo fighters – The Pretenders

open for lyrics↓ Foo fighters -The PRETENDER Keep you in the dark You know they all pretend Keep you in the dark And so it all began Send in your skeletons S…

My first televised advert, it was broadcast on the adult channels for Redlight Central Mobile 🙂


  1. 5* rating and it wasnt me who made tht comment below…

  2. then why are you whatching there music video on youtube?

  3. i don’t realy like foo fighters so soz about the rateing 🙁

  4. thanks for the comment dude.

  5. nice i love this song and foo fighters

  6. thanks courtney,i needed the compliment right now,fucking ppl accusing me of stealing videos.

  7. lol,thanks for your amazing comment.
    i love you babe.

  8. xxXUnWanTedXLoVerXxx

    great job babe! guess wat i have this on cd! ~wow something thats not on wax~ lol but keep it up! your doing a great job! much love…~your girl cherry~

  9. hehe XD

  10. really,i couldnt believe he wore a shirt with my name on it,lol

  11. Nice going with the shirt on Dave btw hehe

  12. thanks mate }:]

  13. gotta love the fuckin,lol,and thanks koko,for the Rate and comment.

  14. I fucking LOVE this song,Foo Fighters are THE BEST.Great vid 5 fuckin stars

  15. Darko Djunisijevic

    Good video!

  16. thanks bro,and i have to say,all your new uploads are fuckin awsm,keep it comin jon,
    its all good.

  17. Excellent!!

  18. thanks }:]

  19. Pretty cool song. 🙂 Never a fan of Foo Fighters but this song is pretty cool. Thanks for posting. 🙂

  20. hey,thanks for the first comment bro,and ya they do.

  21. This song rules.. Foo Fighters rock

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