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  1. hes bored with you move on to an other man

  2. Sometimes guys just like looking at naked chicks…him getting an account on there could be harmless. I would just ask him his intentions on why he set up the account.

  3. i think it is completly natural..my husband has done the same thing. I was so mad when i found out..i would not have had time to ask here lol..

    i would ask him and see if he is honest with you first of all. That is a big thing. Alot of people are just curious. It may be completly harmless. (as far as him acting on what he is seeing). You need to tell him you found out.cause you aare going to worry all the time. Has he been talking to anyone or anything like that online?

    just tell him you found some things on the computer that you all need to discuss…and if nothing else put a block on your computer for all those websites and see if he asks you!

  4. get rid of him if he seriously has the nerve to do that to you after 4 years and not even think of how it would make you feel he is to selfish of a person to be in a relationship, to me cheating is cheating and maybe he has not done it yet but it seems to me that he has definately thought about it and it probably won’t take him long to cross that line. so dont give him the satisfaction of hurting you be strong and walk away.

  5. I did that when I was with an ex. But I was actually bored with him and I pretty much hated him, either that or he could just like looking at porn,
    Does he go on many other porn websites?

  6. I am pretty sure that if he were just wanting to see other women naked for whatever thrill it is that men find in that then he could find that on a porno.. website, magazine, dvd etc.. he would not be joining sites to where he could actually meet other women if it were “innocent”.. I realize that four years is a long time and that it would be hard to move on from however that just might be the best thing for you… Cheating is a serious matter for so many reasons… I will just point out the most important which of course is STD’s, not a risk I’d be willing to chance… I am sorry that he has done this to you, and I hope that you can move on and be strong.

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