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Found pics of my best friend is sex personals online, what should I do?

I Feel Extremely, extremely guilty because i kind of think I betrayed my Closest friend – and found a lot of aussi Compromising stuff about him out. Background – Both we’re 20 year old guys. I Was sitting beside HIM while He Was checking gmail on laptop and saw history in history That inbox ET HAD A Whole bunch of emails from fling. com, WooMe. com, xxxblackbook, sex in your city, etc.. . . . This kind of struck me in Some curiosity. He’s not the type to do this. He’s very mature and I respect Highly HIM. Because of my curiosity, I Decided to dig deeper just worried Because I Was That He Was Actually looking for casual sex online. So i did something terrible – I Used password history, Which I Already Knew Because He Told Me That I Could use social history computer and logged onto email history. I found pictures of Himself feels ET nude pictures of genitals history, and a video of HIM masturbating in an email conversation with HAVING He Was a girl from the internet. I found ET aussi aussi HAD Several profiles are adult personals websites. Thesis is basically He Was Describing Himself and Saying That He Was Interested in casual sex. I know what i did is terrible. And I feel awful Because We’re really really close friends. I ‘ve attacked him a lot of my deepest secrets and vice versa. And now I’m horrified at myself and horrified at HIM. No matter what, I’m still staying historical friend and nothing Will Change’m his eyes. But I can not get all of this out of my head. . . What do I do now?


  1. first of all its your fault for looking thru his stuff
    and second so what
    let him do what he pleases its not like hes dealing drugs or anything
    hes just having fun chattin with women online

  2. As long as you are not in the middle of his mess, I would do nothing, but I would not share so much with him.

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