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free adult personals websites?

Question by : free adult personals websites?
Does anyone know of any FREE adult personals websites? when i mean free i mean you dont have to pay to sign um and you dont have to pay to talk/email/message/view profile. i dont want to pay for a site like this.

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Answer by Scott J
www.adultfriendfinder.com is sweet

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  1. they all want something $ $ $ ; that’s how they operate.

  2. No such thing. They only say it’s free – to an extent.

  3. I do it is called Plentyoffish.com I found my boyfriend there. Good luck.

  4. dont go there matt,it will end up costing you heaps,they suck you in then con what they can outta ya,if ya just wanna perve ok,but you will get stung.

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