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Guys! Any of you are addicted to internet personals?

My boyfriend and I met online, since then I Discovered That A Few times he has posted new profiles in dating sites (adult sites) He says it’s a addiction and That he means nothing by it. He works in a office all day, and uses it to pass the time. Is it a addiction? He he full of shit? “Is he a pig? If there really is a problem addiction like this I would be willing to stick by him.


  1. Nope, your bf just likes playing the field.

  2. Run. Fast.

  3. i’m additcted to online roleplaycybering ,,,it’s fun and very additcting,,,,wanna play??????????,,lol

  4. no we just like to do different woman

  5. Ahh if he hasnt done anything theres nothing wrong first find out if hes actually meeting other people

  6. The internet is full of addictions. It is really easy to get out of hand. If he is loving for some adult loving it might be a good idea and get out of that situation.

  7. Probably not an addiction but he is right it does pass the time. If I were you I would not worry unless he is doing more then posting profiles.

  8. Although I say I’m available here, I prolly wouldn’t actually go and date someone from the internet, I just use it to pass time while I’m designing stuff. It’s fun, like watching a Jerry Springer show but it’s from normal people or retarded people who do stupid things. Plus it’s a great place to vent frustration.

  9. Hes a pig. Hes pullin tricks behind your back, i wouldnt trust him one bit.

  10. My husband pulled this sh*t when we were just still dating. The only thing is that he hid it from me and claimed that there was nothing going on. My instinct told me better and I did some digging and actually found some email and conversations. He was getting pictures from these b*tches on the computer. Needless to say I confronted him and made him tell me the whole story. Never once since then has he done anything even remotely like visit one of those sites.Be very cautious and make sure it is just that, for fun. Some of these people out here do not care if someone is attached or not. A relationship can develop without him even looking for one and I’m sure you don’t want that. Let him know that this is unacceptable!

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