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Have any ladies on here used craigslist casual encounters?

Question by Jake: Have any ladies on here used craigslist casual encounters?
if you have how did it turn out?

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Answer by Problematic Love
lmfao. No. I’m not that desperate, yet.

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  1. He had a extremly small willy

  2. No, that is disgusting.

  3. I did about 9 years ago
    Before I was married.
    I had a really trippy one
    night stand with this doctor
    who was hella
    Kinky I tied him up and stuff.
    Then I left. .
    I also got a stalker from another guy. He had
    Put a younger picture of his self when he wasn’t fat and ugly and as soon as I met him I tried to leave. Then I agreed and I had an ice tea while he told me how beautiful I was. I got out of there without gagging. Then he stalked me by phone, internet and thank god I never told him where I lived or he would have come there too!!!!. He totally misrepresented him self and then fell in love with me. I tried to put another ad and he would answer it saying I know that’s you leah. Casual encounters sux!!!!!!!!!

  4. Nope. See, I’ve tried other online personals sites and I know how this works.

    It doesn’t matter how charming you are as a guy, or how “together” you get your life at the moment, everyone _insists on pics_. And my pics have gotten me rejected for dates before–even back when I had the rest of my life together and going on, yes.

    Not to mention….these things cost money. That’s rather the whole reason why the original Craigslist adult ads didn’t work–because those were modeled after the fee-for-service setup the rest of the site uses, and lawyers got freaked over the legality of it all. So…..people have to _charge_ an arm and a leg for online personals to avoid looking like _that_. Oh, and taking money from lonely men hand over fist never “hurts” does it?

    Pardon my cynicism but I’ll pass.

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