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How can an adult Chat / Voice Service Encounters compete with the adult sites online dating?

I propose an Adult cat / T Voice Personals? L? Chatline phone that offers essentially the m? Me service sites like SexSearch. com and other sites offer. The difference? Reference is my service is t? L? Phone and their service is on Internet.Je wondering what I could say about my service that would attract the attention of a potential customer who i int? Ress? s? brancher.J ‘comp have? a list of benefits of my service offers more than web services. Although they are important – for some reason they do not seem efficaces.Voici list1) Instant Contact – Why wait when you find your match2) These women are guaranteed for? Be r? El – No false profils3) co t raisonnable4) Free voice profile’s – Women who are int? ress? s can leave their coordinates? when you’re wasn? not on your system? meVous able to? My Guster 1-800 Line -627-4263 OR 1-900-226-4545Toute help would be appr? it? e

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  1. I am not really sure what you are trying to sell, so I will take these one at a time.

    1) Instant Contact – Why Wait When You Could Find Your Match
    maybe you should be saying connect instantly. and if this is for sex, i wouldn’t use the term match, i would use something more hinting towards sexual encounters like connect instantly to get with someone who is interested in the same things

    2) These Women Are Guaranteed To be Real – No Fake Profiles
    if this is a problem with your competition sites, you may want to have some testimonials and maybe some pictures of real women. (be careful of your policies on this one)

    3) Reasonable Cost
    compared to whom? if cost is a factor lay it up front and let people know exactly what you have and compare it to others. In addition to cost – you want to make sure that you have SECURE payments. If people can pay with paypal for gods sake LET THEM KNOW that the payments can be secure. Also with the cost comes what you do with privacy. So, get paypal in addition to credit cards if you don’t already!

    4) Free Saved Voice Profile – Women Who Are Interested Can Leave You Their Contact Info When You Are Not On The System
    I would compare this to voicemail, or i’m not understanding exactly what you are trying to sell here.

    In addition, make sure that you have some success story couples on the front page who are looking like they are happy together, however if you are selling sex to men more or less sexier women would be beneficial.

    Hope this is helpful.


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