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How can I keep my daughter into turning into a promiscuous party girl that throws herself at any guy?

Question by Prometheus, l Ain’t; Possum, l ls: How can I keep my daughter into turning into a promiscuous party girl that throws herself at any guy?

I heard lots of attention from dad helps.

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Answer by mommy francis
teach your daughter about good morals and respect. teach her that her body isnt something to just give away to anyone but only to the husband she will marry one day.

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  1. Teach her morals. It also helps not only to teach her to respect others, but that she deserves to be respected herself. Build up her self esteem by encouraging her to explore the world around her safely.

  2. Teaching her morals is good. My mother did that for me. But the biggest thing is to not push her too hard. If you drill into her how bad sex is or tell her to dress a certain way (telling her not to wear a tube top to school is fine, but don’t start measuring how long her skirts are), she will start rebelling. The best thing my parents did for me was to tell me the facts and made sure that I knew what was right without pushing too hard or being overly strict.

    I didn’t have sex until I was married and I was never promiscuous. Remember, it’s about being straight and honest, not overbearing.

  3. Well in all truth you really cant. Ofcourse you can teach her morals,
    right from wrong. But she will be her own person, and what she’ll believe is right for her
    is what goes.
    Maybe after dating a guy for six month’s she wants to give herself to him? It doesn’t sound that wrong
    if a 15-18 year old think that. But ofcourse to the parent’s it could be diffrent.

    Me myself I’m 15 and my parent’s have told me that sex this young is horrible and slutty and all that. And if I was the usual teen I’d rebel but I have some sense in my head and I am still waiting for someone special! Plus my mom would be a hypocrit since she had her first kid when she was 16 so she really doesn’t have a place to say anything.

    But yeah, just teach her to be a nice kind girl, respectful and then when she get’s older just tell her
    not to give everything to the first guy she meets. Tell her to make sure he really is a nice guy before doing anything. And if she asks for condoms or pills when she’s 16-17 don’t freak. It’s not as unusual as it use to be, infact half those girls on pills aren’t even sexually active. Most of them just want it because you get less period. But you should be happy your daughter would trust you to tell you something like that.

    For me I can’t tell my parent’s anything because they would ship me off to god knows where,
    you don’t want that kind of relationship with your daughter trust me!


  4. I agree with the others. I also think it’s good to teach your daughter to like herself for herself and not her body. I was not taught that growing up. I felt overshadowed by my older sister. Which is kinda ironic considering I surpass her in height by about six inches and in high school, weighed more than her. (I probably do now, too, but in HS I was fat. I used to weigh over 200 pounds, even at my adult height of six feet. Now, it’s 153, even after two pregnancies.) She was also more popular than me (I really had no friends. There were people with whom I kinda hung out, but not really friends. I didn’t really trust anybody.) I felt as though she was my parents’ golden child. (We have an older brother, who is six years older than me and four years older than my sister and he agrees.) I didn’t feel appreciated. When I got out of high school, and in to college and had more freedom (but not intelligence), I lost weight, and was not, well, innocent. I think the not enough attention from my father, not having dates or freinds in high shcool and finally being noticed by members of the opposite sex didn’t help.

    Eventually, I got sick of being noticed and wanted for my body and put an ad in Yahoo! Personals. Through that and the grace of God, I met a man who loved me for me. It was my decision that we remain celebrate before marriage. (We came close af ew times and did a few things short of intercourse, which we still considered sex…) I was dead tired on or wedding night. I fell asleep from my parents’ home to the hotel. (I didn’t even think to get coffee when my husband stopped at a BP for snacks.) I was even more asleep than awake,. Yet, it was the best I had had. It’s only gotten better…

    Now that I’ve succeeded in you almost losing your last meal….

    I think trying to keep your daughter away from the whole princess/girly thing helps, too. Look at the Disney princesses. They’re all skinny and fit our culture’s idea of “pretty”. The Little Mermaid and Pocahontas are both barely covered. The Little Mermaid changes who she is just to get the guy. In “The Beauty and the Beast,” it’s the prince who is the “ugly” one. We’ve been trying to do that. She knows that they are princesses, from friends and even MOPS, but she does not know the individual names. (I think she was well over two before she realied that they are princesses, and not “little girls” as she called them.) We were browsing the children’s clothing department at Wal-Mart once and we saw a princess shirt. My husband if our daughter ever looked at a guy like that, they would have a serious talk.

    I want her to know that Elizabeth the person is good enough and worthy of love, not Elizabeth the body.

    Sure, we can’t protect our daughter from everything, but we can do everything within our power to give her what we consider good values.

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