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How can I track down who owns a yahoo email address?

Question by Michael A: How can I track down who owns a yahoo email address?
How do I find out who is sending out false emails to business’s and customers in an attempt to damage a company and hurt them financially. They hide behind operatorsafety@yahoo.com
I understand about spam. But is Yahoo’s position on blatant attacks on a business going to be protected by Yahoo?

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Answer by williamebales
Dear Inquirer,

You can not find out for yourself but yahoo can.

How do I report Yahoo! Personals Mailbox abuse and spam?
If you are receiving spam in your Yahoo! Personals Mailbox, we encourage you to report it so we can take action against the sender.

To report abuse from Yahoo! Personals messages, please click the “Is this spam? Let Know” link found at the bottom of any message you read via your Yahoo! Personals Mailbox.

** What types of abuse can you report?

Spam includes commercial solicitations (products, services, pyramid schemes) and pornography (solicitations for customers to visit personal porn web sites or to write a non-Yahoo! Personals email address to receive porn).

** Where do complaints go?

When you submit an abuse report it is logged into a queue for Abuse Representative to review and take appropriate action.

By submitting this form, you are giving us permission to review the reported message and enter your account, if necessary, for further investigation.

Please note that we will only act upon reports of spam, such as commercial solicitations (including for adult-oriented businesses), URLs, junk mail, etc. Please read our Universal Spam Policy for more details.

We cannot act upon any reports not related to spam (such as lewd emails, personal complaints about other members, or correspondence that you might find personally objectionable but is not illegal or threatening).

Due to the high volume of responses we receive, we will not be able to respond personally to your reports.

If you need to contact Yahoo to report anything in this nature click on this link below.


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