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how come my parents are so dumb?

They set up the internet so you cant look at the Following: real estate pornmillitary / weaponsadultgamesdating / personalsviolenceproxiesyou cant do anything on the internet and i need some advice on how to change Their mind. They dont believe in aussi HAVING any friends on the net Because some one will kidnap me


  1. They might not be as dumb as you think?

  2. They are trying to protect you. As your parents, they need to monitor your Internet use from danger. But, I have heard that blocking the Internet and TV causes technical problems, and it is hard to get into anything at all. Tell them that. Good luck!

  3. Suspendor of Starships

    That’s a good list. They are working hard to keep you safe. You’ll be amazed how much smarter they will appear as you get older.

  4. Man, parents are still trying to raise their kids right and protect them from the dangers that are out there.

    What is this world coming to???

  5. They’re not dumb. They are cautious and realistic.

  6. Because they are stupid and they just don’t want you to have any fun.

  7. Well their paying the bills aren’t they? If they don’t want you looking at porn. adult things weapons, violence or dating that’s them, and if you were my kid i wouldn’t let you see anything or do anything if you’re name was really what it says.

  8. Get Real! They want to protect you from seeing sex, so they’re not dumb.

  9. YOU SO STUPID!!! THAT MEANS THEY CARE ABOUT YOU!!! THEY DONT WANT YOU TO GET HURT OR MEET THE WRONG PERSON ONLINE!!! maybe you need to ask “WHY WASNT MY PARENTS DUMB WHEN THEY HAD ME” you a loser!!! if i was yo parents, i would take all yo privellages away for saying that!!!

  10. Ah, poor you…welcome to the world of overprotective parents…I was also overprotected….

    What YOU must do is be CAREFUL not to go out of your way to do dumb things because your parents fear for you…

    They are trying to do these things for a REASON.

    There are real dangers out there. It isn’t that they don’t TRUST you, it is just that they FEAR for you.

    Now, if you want, you can go to a friends house. Use the Internet for like games and music, maybe friendship sites. DO NOT GO TO THE DATING, PORN, VIOLENT IMAGES, GAMES, ETC sites.

    If you do, then you are justifying what your parents are doing.

    If you can go to your friends’ homes and use the Internet RESPONSIBLY for 6 months, then you can tell your parents this and MAYBE they will trust you with the other GOOD sites.

    If YOU CAN’T then you don’t need to go to their houses and use the internet.

    Ask yourself if you could REALLY go on the internet and NOT GO TO THE BAD SITES AND THINGS ON IT.

    If YOU CAN’T and YOU CAN’T RESIST then your parents are right, and LIVE WITH THAT.

  11. Instead of moaning about it, be mature and talk to them about their concerns. Be open to what they are saying and listen, just as you want them to listen you.

    By you all talking to each other, maybe you all with have a better understanding. Go 4 it.

  12. u must be a perv or 10 years old. Their protecting YOU!!

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