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how do i view someone profile using yahoo vista?

Question by butterflyfree68504: how do i view someone profile using yahoo vista?
With yahoo messenger in the main menu box you used to be able to view the profile of the person you were chatting with weather or not they were on you list, now with vista I have not found out how to view a profile of anyone on my list or not, is there a way or has yahoo done away with this feature?

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Answer by Karylle (carol)
Vista does not change the profile or whether or not they are on your list…to be able to view.
Try and R click on the Picture in the contacts messenger window
and see if it says View Profile ok

One thing that you must remember is that in order to view a Profile – the easiest way is to just type in the url followed by /yahoo id
http://profiles.yahoo.com/ {yahoo id}

But this only works if the member enabled their display settings to allow their provile to be added to the member directory.

Also due to user preferences, the User Id that they are giving you may it be their real one. It could be an alias

Here is an alternate easy site to try this on

You can also view an extended profile
Yahoo 360
(for a while,up until april of this year, the addition of pictures on your Yahoo profile was disabled. It began working again when they decided to remove the profile pictures of Members that had “Adult content” enabled on them — so really the only place to add pictures and update Members profiles was on their 360 page. – if you find little or nothing on the profile try the 360

http://360.yahoo.com/ yahoo ID

Last september, Yahoo added Yahoo Mash
for other profiles
this is still in beta and invite only – (i can help if interested)

buzz me or email and I can set you up.

Also the other Profiles for yahoo are Personals and of course Yahoo Answers.

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  1. Very good question. Why has yahoo not answered that? They run this site and see everything? Why can’t they answer? To answer I don’t know?

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