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How do you find a mainstream personals site?

Question by Obama | Change You Can Count On: How do you find a mainstream personals site?
I would consider myself a reasonably precocious adult and was a nerdy dimwit of a child but now that I am grown and have a steady job I would like to search for a mate. With that said I am trying to find a good web site on the web for finding a special woman for my life.

Is sexsearch.com “adult personals” considered a mainstream site? Are there any better ones?

I have to admit that in finding women I am a little bit Neanderthal in my ways, a little retarded in the ways of romance, a nerd. So what can I do to find love? Am I looking for love in all the wrong places? It doesn’t just drop in your lap from the sky! You have to grab it like a good job or a nice car.

Well, please help me find out where to find love:)

(Lonely 30 year old needs lots of help!!!)
What would be (in your opinion) the best way for me to get help?

Can you offer advice?

Best answer:

Answer by God’s Golden Child 🙂
Umm…Personals sites by nature are not “mainstream.”

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