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How sketchy is it to find friends on craigslist?

Question by Cici: How sketchy is it to find friends on craigslist?
I’m 24, married, and although I’m working on my master’s, I work fulltime. I know a handful of people my age in town, basically exclusively through church. But other than having people whose names I know to talk to after church, there’s basically a couple who I’ve hung out with as like a double date. And like I don’t really have any female friends. Like I had a lot of close friends in college, but since then I’m awful at meeting up with and hanging out with friends, consistently, especially since what with being married I already have someone to go out to eat with, so there’s not as much push to be social, but I do want to have female friends.

So, sometimes I like to look through the craigslist platonic personals (at least the ones that are actually platonic), but how sketchy would it be to email one of those people? Is it too weird? Should I just keep away?

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Answer by Micah Cortez
Definitely keep away. The anonymity of the internet makes people more menacing.

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  1. Don’t try to make friends using CL! Trust me weirdos are on there.
    I suggest you use the FREE website http://www.meetup.com and look for friend groups, married couples groups, and activity groups in your area. Most groups are free to join.
    Say you like to ski. Well then search “skiing” on that site and you will find groups of people for friendship geared around the topic skiing.
    Or just search for “new to town” or “friends” and you will find groups of people in your area, of adults your age, looking to make new friends in the area.

    I discovered the website when I googled “make new friends”. I am also an adult.

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