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How would I find couples to swap?

Question by MuziK_FreaK: How would I find couples to swap?

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Answer by black butterfly
Swap what?

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  1. 2 pts! thanks

  2. look in local paper in personal columns, there are usually swingers ads in there.

    mind you most swingers these days are over 60 or really ugly.

    ask ur mates if they wanna swap mrs one night?

    thanks for the points 🙁

  3. Muzik:
    start by telling all your mates & co-workers your looking to swap . I’m sure at least one of them would be willing to accommodate you. Go to any strip joints in your area & pick up one of those adult newspapers they’re bound to have swingers ads in there if not personals. or better yet go to your local adult porno shop & write on the walls in the booths with your phone #, so they can contact you, that your looking for partners to swap, I ‘m sure you’ll find some who is willing accommodate you yet again. oh & you can just go to the adult theaters in your area & find couples(men mostly) that would like to swap with you. But are you sure your wife is willing to swap? I bet she isn’t but that shouldn’t stop you. since your only thinking with your little head.


  5. Not nice to ask this on here, go to some sites that deal with this sort of thing.

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