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http://www.iLoveLatins.com online adult personals.
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Admiral Ackbar Reads The Adult Personals

Episode 1: Warcraft Girl. Taken from an actual Craigslist personals ad. Voice by Azureprophet.


  1. your tongue can’t repel flavor of this magnitude.

  2. Aww, thanks so much! The Admiral has been quite busy for a long time, but considering it took him about an hour to throw this together, I am sure he can figure out something else. I am really happy you like it.

  3. I would LOVE to see another one of these made! My husband plays this over and over again, it never gets old 🙂

  4. Hello everyone. Due to the amazing response to the voice in this video, I have decided to create another Admiral Ackbar voice-over in the near future. Wish me luck. It might be from Craigslist again, but this time it will have stop motion animation.

  5. This Ackbar impression is awesome. It’s a travesty that more of these weren’t made.

  6. that was awesome.

  7. W…T…F…

  8. LMAO…seriously…LMAO

  9. robertwoodbridge

    Robert Woodbride aproves

  10. MrDeathsVictoryGin

    Anal penetration? It’s a trap!

  11. cyclone so i can pull out and F8ck your ass, unbelievable LoL

  12. Moar! Or im stealing the Idea and making some

  13. Betcha it’s a fugly fat girl.

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