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I found my boyfriend off of Lavalife. . . is he still looking?

My boyfriend and I put off of about 7 mths ago lavalife, and are still going strong. We now live together and I love him more Than anything in the world. He works out of town, so I See Him only 8 days out of the month. How do I know he still Is not looking, gold HAS cheated while I was living in The Other Town. He Swears ET Does not cheat and I Believe HIM, I just really Wish I Could trust HIM more. Recently I found a “adult personals” website on computer history and saw ET That HAD accessed it only has month or so ago. He just added to SOME GIRL hotlist history from around the city as Sami where i live. He Did not Actually write her though. What the hell is going on, and how can I get him to tell the truth about this stuff?? I wish I Would Have found it = (


  1. Confront him w/ what you found…

  2. Girl kick him to the curb…do it now…don’t waste another day on this guy….Good Luck!

  3. Ask him dead on whether he still has listings on dating sites. If he says no, then dump him – he’s a liar.

  4. First of all, if you love him and trust him then stop snooping around. Second, being that you already snooped and found this information it’s going to bug you until you find out whats up. You should talk to him and ask him straight out if he still has his ad up in the personal ads. You might want to keep it to yourself that you snooped, because then he won’t trust you. Just tell him you are wondering because you have removed all the ads you had up online. If he lies to you about it then you know something isn’t right and you can decide how you want to proceed from there.

  5. Hes still looking I talking to him right now!!!! Hes hot!!!!

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