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I found something disturbing on my boyfriend’s email? READ ON?

I was at his house bored so i was going to use his laptop and it was there and i saw his email account was open to a year subscription to adult personals website (basically people looking for f *** buddies. Confronted him about it i Said he and his friend made it for him and it was a joke. i have found stuff like this before the same way he intended Told me he Would stop subscribing to stuff like that. now i do not know what to do. i feel Compelled to look at his email / text messages. Moreover, he always Sees my emails when I’m texting and he Asks Who are you talking to and tries to read ’em. i dont mind because i Have nothing to hide then when i ask purpose to use his phone and he says no he is always keeping it with him (on his body or in the bathroom When taking shower) and he gets defensive when i ask if i can see his stuff. says he “do not you trust me? why do not you trust me, etc.. “we Have Been together for 4 years now. do you think he was lying about the friend making the profile? i already told you he looks at my email and stuff dumb *** mamasmurfT- marie i hope you get whats coming to you for Being so rude. sincere i come here for answers not b * tchy responses from dumb *** es. shoulds maybe you grow up and learn to read it When it says so.


  1. Why are you bothering with this guy?

    If it were just one thing, I would say maybe you’re being paranoid. But you’ve listed a bunch of really suspicious activity. It seems pretty obvious he’s playing you. If you stay with him it’s your own fault.

    You’ve already wasted four years of your life on him; how much more are you going to give up? PLEASE tell me you don’t have children with this man????

  2. I bet you would love it if you found out he went through your email. I think he needs to find someone he can trust.

  3. I think you’re a fool if you are with someone you don’t trust. If you’re not sure if you can trust them, then you’re not ready for a relationship or they are not trust worthy.

  4. Yes he is lying to you. You already know this deep down….get rid of him and let him enjoy meeting up with porkly dumpy women looking for f*** buddies.

  5. He has something to hide. Don’t be surprised if you find out he subscribes to various other site like OnionBooty, Lady@ssalot or RoundMoundof@ss as well.

  6. I hope he made you his EX-girlfriend. He deserves someone who respects his privacy.
    I would never open my husband’s email account on his laptop, which sits on my kitchen table most of the evening.
    You need to grow up and find some other means of relieving your boredom.

    **You sound like a kid. So, he’s probably bored with your childishness. It’s what boys do when they have clingy, NOSY girls.

  7. ANyone who denies a reasonable request and then asks ‘Don’t you trust me?’ is not to be trusted.

    He is doing thing you do not approve of, he doesn’t want to stop.

    So your only real option is to leave. He can’t be trusted, and you can not build a real relationships without trust.

  8. Well in his defense. Just becasue you are in a relationship. doesn’t mean you give up a constitutional right to at least some privacy.
    With that said, if you think he is cheating on you, or trying to find someome to cheat with, then confront him with just that, instead of circumventing the issue by going Sherlock holmes on him.
    Don’t be passive agreessive, or assume he is a mind reader. he only knows what you want, if you tell him.

  9. radiation freak show

    This guy is a lying ass. And you should show him this letter and what everybody is saying. Of course he’s going to try and turn it around on you. Saying “don’t you trust me” is the oldest line in the book-and lame as hell. Ditch this zero. He is cheating on you, I’d bet my life on it.

    No man does those websites as a joke. It was probably AFF, right. No, he was looking for a f-buddy, just like you think.

    You can do better. There are nice guys out there, we women just need to stop taking this crap from men. Then and only then will they stop playing these tired games.

  10. All right, a lot of people do “subscribe” to those places as a joke and to see what kind of responses they get. It doesn’t mean anything will happen. You know your bf best correct? You should also know whether he’s being honest with you too. Also, just a suggestion, stop looking at each other emails. Having nothing to hide is one thing, but snooping through personal stuff gets sticky. Change your passwords and tell him to do the same and don’t leave embarrassing things out in the open. It’s just inviting trouble or suspicious minds.

  11. I think he`s lying, how can a friend make a profile for him if you have to subscribe to it? I`d ditch him because blokes like this don`t just stop this kind of thing…..it`s a compulsion, and I bet he`d blow his top if it was you who was trying to hide something, that you knew he didn`t approve of.

  12. Join the same website you think he was on, and use a faked identity/description, and contact him. If he responds, then it wasn’t his friend’s joke and he’s lying.

    It sounds like he’s lying already though.

  13. red spider (mahmok@yahoo.com)

    I have an idea andI hope that you like my answer the point is
    you have to talk to him every time until he fed up and if this idea didnt work you can to see his email and print it then say to him I will show what you was writing and talking to him to every body you know and if tt worked he will tell you the truth

    may be this answer will help you

  14. My ex husband did the same thing I found out on valentines day 4 years ago some men are just sick we were married for 17 years all of which I trusted him and had no clue he was seeing other women. Keep your chin up he’s a loser and you deserve better.

  15. if it was regular mail – reading or opening some else’s mail is a Federal Offense – so in my humble opinion you may just have crossed a line better left uncrossed

  16. Leave some interesting stuff on your computer for him to find (like “how to get pregnant secretly,” or “how to castrate a man in his sleep”), and see how he reacts to your “need for privacy.”

  17. I’m sorry, but I think you should get rid of the guy.

  18. I was unfortunately in the same situation a couple of years back. I accidental read a reply on our shared eBay account that was just “too personal” for my liking. I then read his emails and texts and discovered he’d been playing away for quite some time and lying to me. He used to leave his phone lying about and let me use it then all that suddenly stoped and he too started to take it into the bathroom with him and put it in the draw at night. I really hope you find out the truth soon and if he has been doing anything wrong your better off without him x

  19. Break up with him. Get a new guy. Don’t get paranoid on the new guy.

  20. if sex is good with him, then have him give you one last good ride and then take off the next day and never look back.

  21. If you discuss the issue with him in a nonconfrontational way by simply sharing how you feel, he may listen. Then ask him if he is bored with you or would like to move on to someone else? Perhaps he will come clean and say yes. If he says he doesn’t want to end the relationship, then ask him how you can please him so that he won’t have to seek his thrills elsewhere. It is worth a try if you want to maintain the relationship.

  22. i’m sorry
    but I think this “do you not trust me?” is just an excuse not to have to give you an honest answer
    I think of course he deserves privacy, but I don’t blame you for being suspicious
    I think though that if he had nothing to hide he woud answer your concerns
    not get defensive
    try to confront him again, voice your concern and take it from there
    sorry but this guy doesn’t sound like a person you’d want to spend the rest of your life with

  23. When he asks you why you don’t trust him, retaliate with ‘why don’t you trust me enough to show me?”. Its VERY suspicious what he’s doing. And I doubt the profile was a joke. Why was his laptop open to the subscription? If it was a joke, why use it unless he wanted it?
    I personally don’t see anything wrong with having your man see porn. I will send my husband stuff sometimes, and we flirt about what we’d like to try.
    Why not engage him to explore a bit of fun and games with sex and see what he is into? You might find the sex life improves.

  24. he look at yours too?

  25. yes I think he is lying to you. Hes hiding somethng from you and deep down you know this. You deserve better, period. I’m sorry you even have to deal with this.

  26. It seems to me he isn’t honest with you and he IS hiding things from you. You on the other hand is very honest and open with him. I wouldn’t trust such a person. Dump him.

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