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I think pretty apear normaly and purpose, I think im fucked in the head?

A little about me: im 19, ima a closet bi-sexual and is not in anyway proud of it, i never knew my father, im slighty anti-social people usualy aim Seem to like me for the MOST part. I used to Have a habit for stealing from cars and houses of people i dont know. Would never steal from people ive ever met. I’m nice to everyone, i dont Jugde people, pretty ipen minded and i think im pretty level headed. But i do have some demons. I dont get along with my mother Because of childhood abuse, witness i hit her multiple men Many Times, and i got some of ’em as well. I dont think about it or let it control Often buy me i cant help but wonder if it made me who i am today. my last words before i went to live with my grandmother for 4 1/2 years when i wuz 11 Were “which hit me.” I was always getting in trouble in school and getting Expelled and when i turned 14 i started Committing thefts from vehicles and it made me feel free. I aussi joyrided my grandmothers car and accidently wrecked it. Got locked up in a detention center for six months and Moved to?????? were my mother HAD Moved Effective year i had a Previously Moved in with my grandmother and my two sisters Were taken by cps. Within two weeks of being there i wuz stealing again, and found out awy to sell the items. Craigslist. A Few items I sold and ejoyed the MOST money ive ever seen in my life. 130 dollars. I later found out about ’em on craigslist personals adult, and started posting ads for man to man oral sex at age 15. And Followed through with ’em. This still goes on till this day and i feel pain and regret every encounter Effective. Theres probly beens about 20 more men (older men) engaged in oral That ive and anal sexual interactions. Im the submissive guy When i have thesis encounters and sometimes act as if femine i was a woman. Even though my personality is completly male and i love women. And Have had a coulple that i care for very dearly, i cant say if i love them or not, im afraid for i do not know what love is

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