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I want to order Have a kid I can not I want to know what other way of getting a child?

I want to know how i can Have a baby i am single and want a baby with out going threw hell i tried doing this and the state denied me can someone help me with thisthe state said no because i was not married i have lots of money it trust me i can be a stay at home mom work at home and there is nothing wrong with it people like me That you say there is a problem


  1. A Baby Ate My Dingo

    Well, the state denied you for a reason.

    Make whatever changes are necessary in your life to get the state to allow you.

  2. You mean you arn’t allowed to adopt?

  3. adopting a child is another way

  4. summerflower_inshortskirt

    Well I think adoption or fostering kids is the only way other than getting pregnant and having your own.

  5. Abduct one!!!!

  6. ask a hooker for one, they always have a few they can give away.

  7. ijc60@sbcglobal.net

    adoption or get a pet

  8. if the state denied you, then they must have had a good reason. i would say wait a few years till your in better conditions or have a partner

  9. adopt

  10. If you can’t have one yourself maybe you can get someone to be a surrogate mom and carry the baby for you. If it’s because of a problem with your ovaries, you can look into egg donation. Many women donate their eggs and you could pay for the eggs and have a baby that way.

  11. ☼☼sunny_girl☼☼

    If the state denied you then there is a reason. Or you can do it artificially. try that or try adoption in a different country

  12. Why did the state deny you? If it’s because you’re single then you can have a surrogate mother give birth to your child or adopt if you are infertile. But if the state denied you because you are unfit to raise a child, then deal with it. The child’s safety comes first.

  13. you can adopt or change whatever u did wrong to make the state Deni you

  14. Adopting through the state is the best way but you’ll have to cleared first. There is private adoption, but that is super expensive.

  15. Go to the local sperm bank then!

  16. If the state denied you, you should probably make some changes in your life. In a few years, try again. I’m sure if you’re this willing to have a child you will get one eventually.

  17. There are so many children in foster homes or need a loving family…A suggestion that i have is to go a place where you can adopt a child. My really good friend was adopted when she was a baby and today she is in a great home with a loving family. Although this is a long process in the end you could be helping a child in great need.

  18. The state shouldn’t denied someone just because they’re not married. They’re are toooooo many children out there that need and deserve to have a loving home. Everyone married/single, straight/gay, Christian/Muslim/Jew, physically capable/disabled, etc. should be allowed the right to have a child.

  19. A baby does best with a mother and a father, next probably with a same – sex couple, least well with a single parent…so if the State denied you just for being single, then they had enough couples who wanted babies and they did the best thing for the babies they had. On the other hand a single parent is often a blessing for an older child available to be adopted out of foster care, because the system is so overcrowded that many live in group homes (orphanages) or crowded foster homes where they get little attention and care. So, you could be a good match for a child available through Special Needs Adoptions, which handles all children who are difficult to place including older (non-infant) children and infants with special needs. If you contact the State and they turn you away from Special Needs Adoption, they have a serious problem with you other than your ‘single’ status.

  20. You can do a on-line search for a frozen sperm bank. It is costly but, you can buy sperm on-line, they ask no questions. Several places on-line do sell sperm they will ship to you…if the problem is your being single. If you are not ovulating you can get injectibles or clomid from your doctor to induce ovulation. You can do a home insenmantion on your own with sprem from a bank. You can also try inter nantional adoption they are sometimes easier to get accepted thru then the us.

  21. The ignorance in some of these responses is disheartening.

    I know, from experience, that a single mother is something the state is not always happy with for adoptions, esp if you are on the younger side.. Even if the State did have other reasons for denying your adoption of a child, I think that it is strange the State can deny you adoption when you could easily just get pregnant and they cant do much about it then.

    There are a number of options.. You dont go into detail of why you “can not”, and I am also aware that others will read my answer who have not tried the same options as you, so here I will list them all so that you can determine which option is best for you..

    1) Get pregnant naturally, yourself. This is by far the preferred method if you can do so, because you have alot more control over whether or not you become a parent this way, and because its free(!!) and if you have problems conceiving a child, there are lots of things you can do to remedy the situation. In an ideal world you would find a partner to share the burden (that need not be a man, need not be the father, but it helps to have another adult by your side, as being pregnant and having a young baby is tough even if you have support (I have full support from my husband and its very tough at times) – doing it totally alone would be very difficult!). If you are having trouble getting pregnant naturally, there are lots and lots of possibilities before you should give up!
    a) Know for definite when your ovulation time is, and have sex two days before hand until one day after ovulation as often as you can.. To find your exact ovulation time, you can use a number of techniques – there are lots of ovulation predictor tests for sale in shops and on the web, and ovulation predictor software downloadable on the web (go to download.com and type in ovulation to find a number of choices). Track your temperature so that you can spot when you ovulate, or take the urine ovulation tests available at many supermarkets.
    b)If you dont have a male permanent partner, you could try another man (or men)!! Maybe the man you have tried with has fertility problems! You can do this by “taking a chance” with dating guys on the internet (e.g. personals.yahoo.com) or you can go to a sperm bank and have a sperm donor’s sperm inserted inside you for a fee (as you appear to have plenty of money)
    c)If you are having problems getting pregnant despite lots of sex at the right time of the month, try carrying out a relaxation regime – do yoga every day, get a massage at least once per week, take a break from work, eat healthily, cut out alcohol, smoking and caffeine, take regular exercise.. see a counsellor to talk through any emotional issues you believe may be holding you back.. stress (or other psychological reasons) is often the reason women do not conceive.
    d)If you still have problems conceiving, see the following links:
    http://www.babycenter.com/gettingpregnant (the suspecting a problem link) as there are sometimes physical problems preventing pregnancy, and they also link to fertility services you might wish to consider. Consider IVF treatment, and other solutions listed at http://www.babycenter.com/refcap/preconception/fertilityproblems/6093.html
    PLEASE dont give up on conceiving yourself, unless you dont have ovaries and a womb!! A friend of mine tried for 10 years to get pregnant herself, then went for hormone treatment followed by IVF and didnt conceive the first two times.. Then she DID get pregnant and had a son.. A year later she had IVF treatment again and conceived, but sadly lost the baby.. but then got pregnant NATURALLY!! Now that baby is one year old she has gotten pregnant NATURALLY again!! If you want it badly enough, I believe it will happen to you..

    2. If there is no way you are going to conceive naturally, try adoption or fostering or surrogacy…
    a) The following website deals with issues that may affect people who have gotten this far in my posting – adoption/fostering, surrogacy, gay parenting and single parenting are all considered here
    b) For a great deal of info about fostering and adopting all kinds of children from the US or from abroad, older children, younger children, whatever color, whatever disability, etc. see http://www.davethomasfoundationforadoption.org/html/resource/Beginners_Guide.pdf
    c)A good article about the problems with fostering children from State to State in the US is this one http://www.urban.org/UploadedPDF/411108_FosterCareAdoption.pdf
    d) Informal adoption is a possiblity in the United States – this involves a woman agreeing to a private adoption whereby she gives up rights to her child and hands it over to someone else. Be VERY careful if you get involved in something like this, get a very good lawyer and make sure you are protected (the mother may try to claim back the child later, and the child may suffer terribly in this case). These issues are similar for surrogacy also. Some useful web pages about private adoptions include http://www.oregon.gov/DHS/children/adoption/indadoptions/overview.shtml

    Whoever ends up reading this posting, I hope it helps you to give a lot of love to a longed for child..

  22. adopt and name it or get twins 1 a girl and 1 a boy

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