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Is he cheating or is it the hormones?

My husband and i have-been together for about 10 years, We’ve Been married for five and five year old Have a little girl i am now expecting my second daughter in about a month, but i think my husband IS cheating about 3 years ago I Decided to stop working to raise my daughter and i feel my husband uses the facts That Brings home a paycheck ET to make me feel inferior. He’ll say He’s going to buy a pack of cigarettes Takes Three hours and when i call HIM HE says HE stopped by historical friends house ET shows up at 11-12pm times. Yesterday ET Showed up home drunk at 10:30 pm When He left work at 5pm HAD, Knowing That my doctor Said I’m not making it to my due date. He Also Keeps His cell phone in the car and says ET Always forget it, when i call HIM HE Does not pick up and then calls me back a little while after. He aussi Keep a password on the computer and Whenever i walk by ET goes somewhere else The Other Day Looked like it was He Was adult personals website. I still love him, But I’m fed up.


  1. WOW talk about Deja Vu—it’s not the hormones, it’s his selfishness taking over. I can’t tell you enough it has nothing to do with your hormones. He’s probably telling you that you’re making a big deal over nothing right? The “I forgot my cell phone in the car” is the biggest line of bull. If you want to chat, I went through this in ’04–3 weeks after my daughter was born.

  2. sweet_sassy_female

    u could take the clues in front of you and jump to conclusions if you want to. But outside of the circumstancial evidence, does he smell like perfume or any other womanly scents. Has he left with an overnight bag when he was just going “out with the guys”. Did you stumble across any phone numbers that you don’t recognize. Usually my response to a question like this is to run with the clues. but in this case, u went from working to not working. He’s stressed and you’re stressed. Why not ask him about it and see what happens. Or u could do what u should have done when he first started trippin’. Tell him that him being bitchy isn’t going to get the bills paid, and neither is that stupid pack of ciggarettes. Also tell him to be the man and handle his business…stop whinin’.

  3. It sounds like he could be cheating. You should go to cheaters.com or hire a private investigator to follow him

  4. I don’t know if he’s cheating, but he is being a major jacka**, which is just as bad.

  5. I think the saying goes… “if you think he’s cheating, then he probably is.” I wouldn’t put it past him. Sounds REALLY shady. There’s only so many times a person can forget their cell phone in the car, or not call when they change plans and decide to stop at a friends. He should at least have the courtesy to give you a buzz and let you know where he’s going… maybe even invite ya. I’d be super suspicious. Don’t you hate men?! I have a hard time trusting.

  6. It is not the harmones but his behaviour only.

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