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Is it legal to post Someone’s picture, phone #, email address, place of work etc. on the web without permission?

Recently I cam accross a website posting fake ads That Was one year adult personals website under false pretenses, and then THEY bait They Are The Individual Into Giving Them to talking pictures, phone numbers, and Other Such information and then THEY thig post information on Their own website, thesis Declaring people “perverts”. THEY aussi Will gold touch people’s wives Husbands (If They are cheating) and bumps (If They use a work email address) and tell ’em about what Their spouse or employee is doing online. While I Feel That It Is a person’s Own personal business What They do online, and I find cheating wrong no matter what the instance, and I aussi find it foolish That people use work emails For That purpose, I still Seem to have some issues with getting a 3rd party Involved in sa situation situation, Especially if the spouse of company is not Involved INITIALLY.



  2. Absolutely not, you should report the site that is doing this.

  3. It is illegal no matter the reason.

  4. Absolutely not.
    You can report as abuse to web hosting authority.
    I am sure it’ll be closed.

  5. if they don’t have permission i can’t see how it is legal

  6. no, in the context you’ve described its wrong, tho the internet and law aren’t exactly mixing at the moment.

  7. No, But It MAkes me horny!!!

  8. If it is a legal website then yes its legal for them to do so , find out what company it is doing that . Also it could be a private invesigative company trying to find cheating spouses. Maybe the spouse contacted them to see if their partner is cheating on them and in return if they are caught their pic is posted along with info on them to warn other ppl of their character . The best thing I can tell you is to find out what company this is and if it is a real company and not ppl playing on the net

  9. The answer to your lead question is (1) it is legal, but (2) it ain’t nice. But what you describe in you explanation is illegal since it is, at the least, slanderous. The people who fall for this pitch are stupid to do so, but the use this website is making of the info is illegal. I suggest reporting it to authorities.

  10. ConcernedCitizen

    I don’t know exactly what the law would say about it but it’s certainly unethical. This kind of entrapment usually doesn’t stand up in court even when it’s done by law enforcement officers, so vigilantes shouldn’t take it upon themselves, especially when adult personals sites are not illegal. I agree that people shouldn’t cheat on their spouses or do this on company time, but this could just as easily hurt the career of some innocent single who was just curious. If there isn’t a law against it, there should be.

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