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Is it wrong to put my profile on online dating sites Because I’ve caught my H using ’em? just looking for HIM

I think he’s visiting the adult personals to look at the peaks Because He can not download porn to our computer. Other Men do do this? II have been found historical profile of torque sites, goal I joined a lot more looking for HIM.


  1. New Orleans Babie

    yes, it is wrong… hello… it says DATING SITE!!! That would mean he’s trying to or is dating and he’s married!?!?! Use some common sense.

  2. I have heard of some doing this, but its kinda wierd. you should ask him – or maybe try and send him an email through the site and act like you dont know its him – HA that would be great

  3. i can understand that. i’d probably do the same thing. doesn’t mean either of you are right though. and i think you need to confront him.

  4. Yes I believe it is wrong. If your husband is joining date lines and sites then you need to pray and ask God how can you address the situation to him without it being an arguement.

  5. Yes it is wrong for so many reasons, the easiest is two wrongs do not make a right and you must not stoop to his level. You need to confront him and work it out, or dont and live miserably, or dont and leave. It is that easy.

  6. There’s a lot going on here. More than you may have considered. It definitely means you don’t trust him and it means, because you have found him on the sites, that he is not trustworthy. It also means that you have no respect for his privacy and that you believe that you must (according to your screen name) snoop to get information about him that he is not telling you. It also means that either he doesn’t respect your feelings and concerns, or hasn’t considered them.

    You guys need to talk. You have issues of trust, privacy, and intimacy. Looking for porn is a MAJOR male past-time that is not very healthy and that is very addictive. Men go to sites like this to satisfy a need and stay to feed a craving that quickly becomes a powerful habit. He needs to think about why he is there. It is not harmless, look at what has already happened between the two of you. You need to think about whether you are contributing to his being there with your attitudes and behavior. You can’t make him go there, only he can do that, but you can make it easier for him to justify going there if he believes you are witholding something from him or using intimacy as a punishment or reward for behavior. That’s controlling, and it isn’t healthy either.

    My suggestion is quit playing in the branches and start dealing with the roots of the problem. What you are doing now has already achieved all it can. Forcing you to seek help to figure out what to do next. Good counseling could help both of you get back in touch with who you are and what your relationship means.

  7. you need to confront him on this. He is looking to stray. Id say he needs to stop this if it bothers you and you need to let him know this. How do you know for sure he is doing this?

  8. It is wrong and I know it because I am a guy. When I am in commited relationship, I just quit going to site like that…

  9. of course you sneeky little ……..

    Not nice to spy on people!!!!!!!

  10. This sounds like that “Do you like Pina Colatas …” song

  11. Charisma_Twilight

    Whether or not it is wrong, if it bothers you (obviously it does you because you are going through the trouble of “catching him up”) then it is an issue. Simple talk to him about it. Ask him if he is looking for something that he feels he is not getting at home, and do so in a non-accusing tone or he will go into defense mode and your discussion will turn into an argument. Also do not tell him that you have been “looking for him” online, rather that you happened to stumble onto his profile while looking for a pen pal or he will try to turn the focus from him being on dating sites to you “getting in his business.”

    One last thing, he may just be trying to see if he still has it (men do that from time to time; its an ego thing), but if he is looking for something else, DON’T LET HIM BLAME YOU for whatever he feels your lacking in your relationship. He should have talked with you when he felt there was a problem and not go outside of your relationship looking for an answer.

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