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Is signing up adult personals websites cheating. . . ?

. . . Committed in a relationship though His apology was Solely to Fulfill His meta-physical fantasies.


  1. he’s full of it

  2. yes

  3. Yes, it’s cheating. He really gave you that excuse? Meta-physical fantasies? Wow. Don’t fall for it girl!!

    If he won’t stop, let him go and either be happily single or find a man who finds YOU a fantasy.

  4. it sure is cheating

  5. you sign up on those sites to find women to have sex with… how is that not cheating?

  6. Cheating. Cheating. Cheating! Phonesex, cybersex, all this. This guy is full of **********. Dump that. Geez.

  7. Dont do that again lol

  8. Yes, its cheating, have sex with your pool boy or lawn mower, and say the same thing he said, it will drive him nuts.

  9. He could easily check porn,if he aint cheating,he is thinkin about it!Hope this helps!

  10. Yes I think so because that means you are looking for someone else. Weather you are meeting up with that person or not you are leaving your self open for possiblitly. I would be very upset if my man did that and I found out I would really leave his @ss

  11. If he did not consult you about it first and you’re not comfortable with it, then yes, it is a form of cheating. Though people in a relationship do not need to go so far as to check with their significant other every time they want to look at porn, this is something on a different level as he would be interacting with real people. If he came to you beforehand to ask if you’d be OK with this, explain your concerns and try to work out another way he can fulfill these fantasies without making you uncomfortable. If you caught him doing this and that was the excuse he trotted out for his behavior, you need to have a serious talk about what’s OK in your relationship and about being honest with each other. Or you can just leave him. The choice is yours.

  12. I would consider it cheating unless you were both in agreement to this meta-physical fantasy together as partners.
    I was devastated when after 5 months of dating my partner he had his personals ad still active and then later his ex-bf called him after his partner left him and was talking to my partner. So it depends on how much you trust your partner and whether they have a history of cheating. My partner luckily did not and we are still together for the past year

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