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Is this my worst plan ever?

Question by CutieNco: Is this my worst plan ever?
Found out my husband is on adult personals website…tonight I went on and set up a decoy with everything he likes. Now I feel terrible. But I need to know if he is actually on this site. Any suggestions? Of course when I saw it on his email he claimed it was spam…it’s not! I was able to sign into his account.
When I logged in there was no activity and as soon as I looked at a profile it wanted n him to put in a cc#. But I think from my acct. It looks like if they contact you you can write back…that’s why confused and he just gets mad when I bring it up. Swears he’s not even on there, that he moved it to spam n deleted it but it keeps showing back up.

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Answer by Kandy Montes
Dont feel terrible, he deserved that.

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  1. Talk to your husband about the issue. Find out why he feels the need to visit such a board.

    I had an account with a similar site when I was single, and I rarely used it then and forgot about it. I am now married and my wife found an email that I received from the site (they usually go to my junk so I don’t read them but I kept getting them). She could log in and all that.

  2. Ok so you stone cold busted him. Now what? We can’t tell you what to do? As they say…..”seek and ye shall find”. So you found what you are looking for but your plan wasn’t hashed out because now you have no idea what to do. There is nothing a stranger can tell you. That’s your husband, you suspected something, confirmed it and now you have to decide what’s right for YOU.

  3. This is a pretty good plan. Ask him to send naked pictures of himself to you. If he does it, turn him into the police and get a divorce attorney.

  4. Why would he want to?I don’t support such behaviour, but make some plans about deling with your marriage. I suggest you both read Dr Phil McGraw’s excellent book, Relationship Rescue. (I wish I got commission, as I recommend it to so many people!). As he writes in the book, it’s not only for people whose relationships are in trouble.

  5. I’d keep that account “open”, see how far he goes with it. You WILL eventually find out IF he is or is not cheating. He already lied to you about it being spam & KNOW IT’S NOT!!! Now see how far he goes with it…the best to you, honey…:)

  6. Chloe'~Breen bluzz

    I see you are very desperate to have a good marriage and that is good. Does he feel the same way? Very sad that you cannot opening talk with him on the subject. It doesn’t matter what you do on the account this will not change what is in his heart. Do you know what is in his heart? At this point, you might want to consider a counselor and tell him you are very serious about it. Tell him you love him and you do not want him to leave you and go to another. I hope it works out but honest communication is the best way, always.

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