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Is this my worst plan ever?

Question by CutieNco: Is this my worst plan ever?
Found out my husband is on adult personals website…tonight I went on and set up a decoy with everything he likes. Now I feel terrible. But I need to know if he is actually on this site. Any suggestions? Of course when I saw it on his email he claimed it was spam…it’s not! I was able to sign into his account.

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Answer by 47 %er
If you know that he has an account, then what more do you need to know?
Are you looking for a way to avoid the truth?
You’ve already confronted him with it, and he lied to you about it. He’s showing you how much respect he has for you and what your marriage means to him. Why give him a chance to make it worse?
If you just want to be married, then accept his infidelities and move on. If not, then you’ve probably already gotten all the info you need.

just my two cents….

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  1. That’s a really hard one. Obviously you would like to think he’s telling the truth but you might be setting yourself up for something much worse, especially if your going to tempt him with your creation. Why don’t you just be honest with him and tell him what you have found. Give him a chance to explain, it might not be what you think it is. They have plenty of stuff like that on social networking sites, where there is a game advertised or someone has sent you a request and you sign up and it’s one of those dating sites and they just link your details and login direct through your facebook page these days. It has caught me out before and i usually just end up sending them to the junk folder.

    If you are really worried that your husband is going to stray then maybe try spicing it up a bit to make it more exciting so your not stuck in a routine. He obviously married you for a reason 🙂

  2. Look, Hillary, I know this is hard for you to accept. Monica wasn’t the only one, and neither was Jennifer Flowers. You’re just going to have to accept that Bill has “wondering eyes”. However, we know you’ll stay with him because you want his political prowess. You’re too power-hungry to leave him. Just accept it.

  3. If your husband, was a general, or a politician… We’d all be pumping the questions, at you…

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