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Machine Head – silver (The Burning Red)

open for lyrics▽ Machine Head (The Burning Red) SILVER— Yes i hold some keys of gold With cigarettes and silver bullets Angels cry and devils lie The world…
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  1. the only way anyone could call this nu metal is if they are a retarded fuck who knows nothing about metal and especialy knows nothing about Machinehead

  2. lol,babe i love you too…and lol,i told you not to,you dont listen babe…

  3. xxXUnWanTedXLoVerXxx

    i love you my indain lover…..LOL i had to do it!!

  4. what????????????????

  5. what? so you smell of curry?

  6. lol,what?? KEEP IT DARK ,i meant stay evil,dark,metalhead,craZy…why would i be a racist when i myself am an indian…
    i liked his comment i appretiated it and just told him to be calm.

  7. are you calling him black ?!

  8. loll :D

  9. lol,iknow mate,calm down, iknow i get that same angry too when its called new metal,but its helpless,idk why on every video ppl comment te same way as this is nu metal…i just learned getting passed the comments ,anyways thanks for your comment…take care ,keep it dark…

  10. for the last time
    its NOT

  11. Absolutly love this song. Their new shit is pretty good as well. Love halo!

  12. xxXUnWanTedXLoVerXxx

    devlin ~mjdv666~ would thank you for the comment but hes busy! lol so from his girl thank you!

  13. stunning! lol
    havent listened to much of this album, just getting into there nu-metal stuff recently. this and the burning red are the best

  14. xxXUnWanTedXLoVerXxx

    i would comment on more. but i did that the day ur computer was being a fucktart so yea! i love you too! and ur great at making these vids babe! keep up the good work!

  15. lol,babe you’ve commented on lot of vids,its just so sweet of you,love u babe.

  16. xxXUnWanTedXLoVerXxx


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