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My husband is addicted? the online pages of ads for adults. ?

He says he never t? INFID? it, but? this stage, what’s the diff? Conference, if t? ? Research and subscribing? these pages?


  1. you should do something before it gets too out of hand….like go to a therapist

  2. wow. sorry about that. seems to be an innocent thing but I am sure it escalates into something dangerous- maybe you ought to communicate with him a little more and find things to do together so he won’t have time to be distracted by personals

  3. Be careful. My friend got divorced b/c of the internet. It just started out with him “surfing” the net, then meeting others, IMing, then having an affair. I would check his “history” if you can.

  4. Play his game…do the same thing and see if he likes it when you do it.
    That would not be tolerated at all in my marriage. I mean, it’s one thing if you are both looking and laughing at it…making a hobby out of it for the both of you but, even that seems a little strange. I would have to put my foot down on this one. Good luck to you and God bless!!!

  5. OK so i guarantee if you do the same thing he will freak out and cut the shitt

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    You may want him to check the following web site to his own determination:


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