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outlets for straight men with bisexual tendencies?

Question by Bob: outlets for straight men with bisexual tendencies?
I was wondering if any bi/gay guys can help with my Q. I’m basically straight but want to have a guy give me oral. I’m not married so there is no issues with cheating etc. Are there places you can go or meet someone who would do this for me?

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Answer by virsolustui
look up g0y.org i believe… i think that’s their philosophy… not sure about the real address, but it’s g0y with a zero…

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  1. It’s okay for you to go to a gay bar and be curious.
    They’re not limited to “exclusively gay gays” or whatever.

    E: I’ve heard really really weird stories about experiences over CraigsList and I’d advice against it.

    But if you’re going to live the straight life, with guys on the side, you’ll eventually get screwed over, as a forewarner. Seriously. It’s just not possible to do it all and not get caught. Just think wisely and clearly about whatever you choose to do.

  2. You can go to gay bars or check out gay connection sites. As long as you make it clear what you want, there are plenty of people who will respect those boundaries and not ask for anything else.

    It is a myth that all gay people want it in the behind or are completely without restraint, so overcome your fear and try it out.

  3. Well places where that would be done freely are likely to have lots of stds.

    I suggest you try another guy that you meet outside of one of these places.
    Who knows, maybe you could end up having a boyfriend.

    You probably don’t like that idea, but it’s the best option.

    Gloryholes are disgusting.

  4. craigslist

  5. You can try placing a discrete personal ad on a site like adultfriendfinger.com or outpersonals.com. I do not recommend going to public places to hook up with other men for sex. Some of these places are frequented by cops, and if you get busted for soliciting sex with one of them that obviously would not be a good thing. I also do not recommend Craiglist. From what I have heard about the guys who post ads on that site, most of them are just plain nasty and desperate.

    Try the adult personals and look for guys who are in your own age range and who is willing to exchange pics before you meet up. Most of the ones who refuse to exchange pics are either overweight or ugly, and they often lie about their age just so they can get younger guys.

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