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people who Have Been cheated on. . . how did you know?

i have this heart wrenching overwhelming feeling That something is going on That I’m not bieng Informed of. . . (I DO HAVE a history of bieng jealous tho) my husband is on TDY (so no, i can not just go to him), in the army, he’s in boston. he rarely ever calls he calls and when to it’s late at night. . . he tells me he Has not Called Because he’s been out all day “sight seeing” with his friends. . . he tells me stories of how his friends will go out to bars, and all the fun things they do i also was in his email ounces (not intentionally snooping, i had a legit reason to be in there) and stumbled across a message from and adult personals (where you hook up with people fo “no strings attached” sex) and i found his profile. . . . he plays video games and the name on the profile alias was his game. he said this (copied and pasted i just it off the site): Know how to handle myself. good in bed. very experimental. promised great sex to-any woman willing to try Looking For: A woman for 1-on-1 sexdid i mention he’s been bored of our sex life for a while? i Confronted him about it and he Said It Was not his, he Said it was his friend’s. . but why his friend Would Have used HIS alias? and why did he get so offended When he learned i opened his mail? anything if he did not Have to hide he would not care right? everyone says he’s not the kind of guy to do that. . . they say he worshipps the ground i walk on. . . so why do i feel like I’m bieng lied to?? do you follow your gut instincts or your knowledge?


  1. you know deep down in your heart if u feel like ur getting cheated on or played then you are,if their not calling you or if they push you to the side then you are.theres a whole bunch of clues.

  2. create a fake email and send it to his alias and see who responds… him or his friend. Good luck

  3. Mopar Muscle Gal

    follow your head ( and gut) and not your heart

    It sounds like he’s cheating or at least thinking about it

  4. I just knew I could feel it and he changed alot

  5. I do NOT think you are paranoid….. This smells fishy to me also

    As I see it….. you have a couple of options….. Hire a detective…… get rid of the computer( or at least stop the internet)…… get rid of the husband….

    Remember Amanda Blake…. She played “Miss Kitty” on “Gunsmoke”….. her husband cheated on her….. gave her AIDs…. it killed her…. if strange women will screw him; how many other men do these women screw

    Tell your husband he needs to be open and honest…..re-establish a feeling of trust in your marriage….. there are too many “funny” things going on….. look in the history file; check the sites he has been visiting on the computer…… get professional marriage counseling….. watch for money disappearing from your accounts….. a surprise visit to the TDY site might shake things up

  6. I just want to be honest with you. I think you had that feeling a long time before he went on TDY. When you start checking ( email..profile ..late call) then there is something wrong.
    Both of should have a talk when he gets back from TDY. Tell each other what bothers you on your partner and how you both can work on your marriage.

  7. this definetly sounds kind of fishy. i think his story is bs and maybe you should just confront him and say i feel kindof left out here and see how serious he is about the realtionship.

  8. NO offence but this is more of a familly question not a military question just because your man is in the military doesent necessarly mean that it belongs in the military section if you are having these kind of personal issues see a chaplian or the family life center instead of posting them publicaly

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