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Q&A: Can I Move Out and How Do I Move Out?

Question by Melo: Can I Move Out and How Do I Move Out?
I am 19 yrs old, living in Connecticut. I would like to move out due to family issues.
I am financially dependent upon my parents.
I am attending college but accepting loans.
I have a minimum wage job. But not enough hours are provided. 8 hours a week.

I know I could move out since I am considered an adult. But how would I manage that financially?

What could I do? Emancipation would not work, I am no longer considered a minor.
What should I do? Advice anyone? A step by step process would be nice. Thank You.

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Answer by Cheshire
Hi there.

I don’t know how well I can provide a step by step process, but I will try.

The first is save your money, totally and completely for at least a month. Save enough for maybe a constant bus fare and groceries.
Next, do you have any REALLY close friends who will understand what you’re going through? If the parents/roommates are okay with it, your parents can’t call and tell you to come back home. You’re 19.
All I can really suggest is to save your money, put some aside for personals and other then that, just help the family out with the rest of the money. Help pay for groceries, gas, etc.

I honestly don’t know much more, but I hope this helps,
Good Luck.

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  1. If you are attending college full time and only working 8 hrs a week it does not look like you can really move out at this point. The only thing I can suggest is establish a time when you are home and most family members are either not or are asleep. Another way is talk to your friends to see if their are any who will give you refuge when things are not going well at home for a few hours or a day. Also to help you deal with these issues check with the college as they may also have counselors to assist students with personal issues that may affect their college studies. Otherwise you need to work full time to pay for your own place or even try working 20 hrs a week and sharing a place would be your next option.

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