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Q&A: Is Online Dating only for singles?

Question by Monica: Is Online Dating only for singles?
I think that online dating is a good service for adult personals.Is it helpful for singles?

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Answer by Sanki Baba
On line dating is equally good for singles and others but there are fake IDs.
You have to be careful, there are people who make fun of others.
There are few good ones, you have to find out.

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  1. Everybody has his/her opinion. I believe that online dating shouldn’t be encouraged. You never know whats the truth or whats on the other side of the desk. I think meeting someone and having to talk to them face to face….its a better way of getting a first impression of that person.

  2. nah, i think it’s for anyone.. I’ve been using http://www.scoretoscore.com to meet people it’s not just a dating site.. it’s more like a social network to meet people.

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