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So what percentage of women are bi Actually?

I peruse through Adult sex dating & Personals Sites and It Has definitely come to my attention to at least 40% That women are biWhats of the deal?? Whats the actual Estimated percentage of bisexual womenI’m not complaining, it just strikes me as a bit odd Considering That there are far more bisexual women than I Previously Thought (maybe 5-10%?)


  1. It’s really hard to measure this sort of thing partly because when governments look to collect information they are not entitled to collecting your sexual data!!

    It is a fact that 1 in 10 people are gay.

    Alfred Kinsey’s reports show that generally speaking, every human being has bisexual tendancies.

  2. Janineisacoolsouthernchick

    How would you define bisexuality?

    Is a woman who can enjoy sex with both sexes but doesn’t want an actual romantic relationship with another woman (only men), really bisexual or just easily turned on (maybe mainly by the idea that her man is turned on by her being with another woman)?

    I think there is a relatively high percentage of women who can enjoy sex with both men and women (I’d guess 30 or 40% of women, maybe more). However, I don’t think the percentage of women that can actually fall in love with both men and women is that high…probably only 5 or 10%.

  3. It’s really hard to say what the percentage would be because surveys are not very reliable. You won’t get enough responses from all kinds of areas. Also, many of us have our own view of what we consider ‘bisexual.’ Many people think it’s about simply being attracted to both sexes, while others believe it’s about being able to fall in love and/or have a relationship with either males or females (not just about sex). There are some people who have been with both sexes, but now they are happily committed forever to one gender…. Also, there are lesbians…. I think bisexuality has more to do with being able to fall on love with either males or females, and it’s not all about attractions or what someone finds sexually pleasing or appealing. Humans are more than sexual beings, and who we are shouldn’t be defined strictly on a sexual basis. In any case, it could be very possible that 40% of women are not heterosexual, whether they are bisexual, or mixed in with lesbians. Women just seem to love more and more what they get out of being with other women and what women have to offer. I disagree with Alfred Kinsey because not all human beings have bisexual tendencies. I sure don’t have them. I know a god looking man when I see one, but my heart just doesn’t fall in love with men. (For the record – I don’t even desire men sexually, either and I’ve never been with one). The only people who believe all people have bisexual tendencies are bisexuals!

    EDIT: I agree with what the person above me is pointing out, and it is agreeable with the point I had made.

  4. I don’t believe in the old excuse women do it to turn men on, there are simply many other ways to turn the guy on, there has to be an attraction there for girl on girl attraction otherwise wouldn’t it simpy repulse you? so I would say it is about 15 – 20% true bisexual.

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