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It starts out like an itch you can’t scratch, or, a G-Spot that can’t be reached. You’re saying to yourself, “Sure, our relationship is great. Our sex is gratifying.” But how can two people who (whether or not) are in this union for the “long haul” continue to grow in a world that’s as stressful as the 21st Century?

How about making both of your deepest fantasies a reality? It is possible. You would be surprised at the staggering numbers of couples, many people who you see at work, on the street, or even in your local parish, that participate in the “The Lifestyle”. By that, I mean attending an adult social club exclusively for couples.

They’re not too hard to find and they’re probably not too far from your town. You can locate their ads publications like “Lifestyle Magazine”, as well as the back of most “Swinger Magazines.” “Swinger” may sound a bit hardcore to your wife or girlfriend, so please, reassure her that participating or “swapping” is NOT a prerequisite to attend. The most important rules of engagement between couples at these parties or dances are “No Means No” and “No Touching Unless Invited.”

To find clubs, browsing websites and magazines are easy to do and afford a private way to peruse what’s out there at your leisure. Next on the agenda, CALL a club. Don’t be afraid, they won’t bite. Eventually they will want to speak to BOTH of you, to verify that you are a couple. Now exhale.

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