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What are “adult” dating?

I am not aware of personal ads such as Yahoo, E-Harmony, etc. Someone said “adult” Meetings in a pr? C? Dente question I pos? E. Can someone explain the diff? Conference? Thank you


  1. Sex advertisements.

  2. These are ads which are placed by prostitutes.

  3. they are ment for only above 18 contain porn and erotic contents in it

  4. You dont need to know that shit. take ass to sleeep.

  5. well through yahoo and others like that you tend to look for a ‘friend’ where as on the adult site like adultfriendfinder ppl tend to be lookin for something more physical

  6. adult personals are ususally meant by the profiles might include explicit pictures such as nude men, women, body parts, or language such as cussing. to describe them selves

  7. You are probably to young to know. It’s for 18 and older.

  8. Adult personals are where adults venture to live out their fantasies. It’s like cartoon land, but for adults. It’s where adults become one with Marge and Homer Simpson. When you’re old enough, if you have the interest, you will find your way there, but for now kid keep playing those video games and watching HOmer and Bart on T.V!

  9. adult personals are ones that are very specific and often of a sexual nature. Some are women looking for women, or men or three somes or S&M or whatever.

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