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What do I look for in “monitoring software”?

Question by thesneffer: What do I look for in “monitoring software”?
I have a teenager and I want to see what she is up to online.
Help me please.

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Answer by Feeman

Search the net for PC Monitoring Software…there are tons out there.

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  1. A really good program I have used in our computer labs at school for monitoring is called SSPro. This software will hide in the system, gives itself a false ID name folder to live in and does not show up in add/remove programs. This may be a bit advanced for basic home usage, but there is a free trial period of 7 days. You can decide which programs you want it to monitor (or ‘all’ by default) and have the system take screenshots at any timed interval you set as well as which hours of the day you want the system monitored. This will show you a picture of what is on the monitor and store it for you to look at later. This program will also allow you to capture keystrokes and chat program contents as well. I would recommend the free trial and see how you like it. There is a tutorial on the website as well on how to install/uninstall the program.

  2. Note: This product is free to download on your computer with No limited trial periods at all, unlike other programs that you have to pay for to get a complete version from.

    I know exactly what you need, because I have it on my computer right now, and I have to say, that this software is truly perfect for monitoring and blocking content. It’s called: K9 Web Protection from: Blue Coat. Now if you want to view all internet activity, you can do it, if you wish to block any website that you know, you can do it, if you want to block specific categories such as pornography and others, you can do it, if you wish to create time restrictions for internet access, you can do it, if you block a website but you wish to view it, there is an administration password that you can create that will allow you access to the website. No one can uninstall this program, only you can, and it will ask for the password that you created, then it will uninstall. Here are all the categories of websites that you can block in greater detail:

    Commonly Blocked Categories
    Adult/Mature Content, Illegal/Questionable, Proxy Avoidance, Alcohol/Tobacco, Intimate Apparel/Swimsuit, Sex Education,
    Cult/Occult, Nudity, Spyware Effects/Privacy Concerns,
    Gambling, Open Image/Media Search, Spyware/Malware Sources, Hacking, Phishing, Violence/Hate/Racism
    Illegal Drugs, Pornography, Weapons
    [ Block All ] | [ Unblock All ]
    Other Categories
    Abortion, Government/Legal, Restaurants/Dining/Food
    Arts/Entertainment, Health, Search Engines/Portals
    Auctions, Humor/Jokes, Shopping, Blogs/Newsgroups,
    Job Search/Careers, Society/Lifestyle, Brokerage/Trading,
    Military, Software Downloads, Business/Economy, News/Media,
    Sports/Recreation/Hobbies, Chat/Instant Messaging, Online Games, Streaming Media/MP3, Computers/Internet, Pay to Surf,
    Travel, Cultural Institutions, Peer-to-Peer (P2P), Vehicles
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