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Where are all the ladies for NSA action?

Can anyone tell me what adult dating websites offer the greatest success rate in actual NSA encounters? There Seems to be just too much games and not much real action.


  1. dont know never looked scince im married.

  2. schroedingerscatbox

    you probably get a thousand guys visiting those sites, for every one girl.

  3. Maybe there is plenty of “action” but they dont want it to be with you. Dating website??? Thats so desperate. How do you hook up with someone like that and be left with any dignity? Thats the bottom of the barrel. I would get some help, Im not trying to be mean, but Im sure the thought must have crossed your mind.

  4. highmoon252006

    yeah there is yahoo personals and true .com and if you want to you can email me im looking for some action too. highmoon252006@yahoo.com

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