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where are the yahoo adult personals?


  1. not here!

  2. on yahoo service

  3. I found them once….don’t remember.

  4. d`uh,try yahoo adult personals

  5. they don’t have any YET

  6. Yahoo personals is sort of like a match.com. It finds people that have your same interests and it hooks you up with them. It’s a online dating service.

  7. on yahoo main page, also on more yahoo services

  8. On its home page.

  9. Just look under people in the Yahoo directory….guess it should be there under the personals

  10. lavenderbluememories

    Not here now go away!

  11. i am on yahoo personals at the moment go back to your yahoo home page and beside the yahoo answers icon there’s a little pink heart with personals on it thats where they are give me a look up or reply to this answer let me kno where your from thanks x x

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