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where can i go to to find a local boyfriend?

ok, i live in florida, all the dating sites are mostly for adults, teens time to aim right. i just want to find a boyfriend, someone thats actualy there in person. . . . . .


  1. in you local area NOT HERE

  2. gay.com

    yahoo personals


  3. Check out the local LGBTQ/etc centers because they often sponsor youth dances/socials. Also, many cities have gay youth organizations.

  4. ur gay dude. that shit is gay. u should go to a strip club, then hire 4 prostitutes, then have an orgy. you wont be gay anymore. unless ur gayness can overpower the power of the pussy

  5. Show the fact that you’re gay proudly, that’s what I did. you’ll snag someone in a local bookstore/coffee shoppe/ whatever.
    just give it a while, and completely ignore the closed-minded assholes, k?

    lots of gay love


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