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Where do you find “Swingers Parties”?

Just incase, you know why not, or if you find yourself living Interstate for a career move and suddenly single because your gf would not go? Can you be a single guy at a swingers party, and just sleep with women btw!


  1. I'm RIGHT, you're wrong

    Craigslist, man

  2. You’re out of luck.

    MOST swing clubs and parties don’t allow single men, because of the very attitude you’re displaying “just sleep with women.” They’re disrespectful of the women, and their male partners. The few that have allowed single guys, eventually changed their rules.

    Swingers don’t consider single men to be swingers, because they bring nothing to the table. They’re just horn-dogs wanting to get laid. That’s not swinging.

    Stick with the singles bars.

  3. Yes, single males are a big part of the swinging world as many couples do enjoy adding another male for her pleasure. But as gromit pointed out, those with the mentality you are showing here, get absolutely nowhere and make it difficult for the genuine lifestyle minded single male to get recognized.


  4. Hate to break it to you, but single guys have to have a LOT going for them to even be allowed to most swingers parties/clubs. See, most guys in the “lifestyle” are straight. So they’re looking for single girls or couples. Most women in the lifestyle are bisexual, so they’re looking for girls for themselves and/or their husbands. Most couples are looking either for single girls or couples. This leaves single girls highly sought after.

    Simply put, there’s very little demand for a high supply of single males. Your best option if you really want to get into it is to attend some “meet and greets”, and recognize that your personality is going to matter the most. (You find those by joining an adult personals site, like lovevoodoo or altplayground.net). Single girls will only go for you if they like you, and a girl who’s part of a couple will only go for you if you impress her man, too.

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