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where in the web can i find TEENAGER friends?

i just can not find on the web Any minor form of my friends (that means clustering under 18), i would like to know Where they know ATI some places, drank It Seems That Gives me info of ADULT only people


  1. facebook or myspace

  2. 50/50 chance you’re just some perv on the net and it’s only a matter of time ’till the FBI gets you. -I don’t know if you are, it just sounds that way.

  3. My daughters school has a chat site, check with yours. She Loves AIM. But that is only kids she invites to chat with. She also goes on club penguin, kind of little kid aimed, but she likes it.

  4. You are in the wrong category. You have placed your question in the wedding category. Try the friendship one.

  5. the eater of shorts

    wrong category

  6. i think the best and fastest place to meet teenagers would be myspace yeah everyones there but for me i think its childish but thats just me right 🙂 good luck

  7. try myspace

    but what does this have to do with weddings?

  8. I am pretty sure you wont find them in the Yahoo Answers Wedding Question catagory.

  9. How old or you, I bet your a pedophile so I don’t think anyone should tell you were to talk to teenagers please get help.

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  11. Weird question. How old are you?

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